Refund & Cancellation Policy believes in helping its customers as far as possible, and has therefore a liberal cancellation policy. Under this policy:

Should dissatisfaction arise or for any other valid reason, players can reach out to us at least 12 hours before the match. The refund will be automatically processed and credited instantly to the original wallet. Our policies for cancellation and refund are outlined below:

Cancellation Policy

For any disputes or issues related to cancellations, please email us at We kindly request initiating such requests within 3 days of the contest day, allowing our team sufficient time to investigate and provide an optimal resolution.

Refund Policy

We strive to generate design concepts that suit our players/users. If a player is dissatisfied with our rules or a particular match, a refund can be provided, provided the concern is reported before participating in the match contest.

In instances where a player encounters suspicious activity during gameplay, such as Griefing or Teamin-up, and becomes a victim, they should capture necessary screenshots or short video recordings and report the incident to us for a refund. Our team will thoroughly investigate the provided data and information before initiating the refund.

If a user identifies a cheater using cheat tools and becomes a victim, an immediate short video recording of the incident should be taken as evidence. Report the incident to the Gametown Team via email or Live Chat Support, enabling us to investigate, take appropriate action, and provide refunds to the victims.

All verified refunds will be processed to the user's Gametown Wallet or bank account within 3-5 business days., which can be redeemed at the Redemption Zone or used to participate in upcoming contests.